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「This part here… This strange bruise.」Serena opened her right palm and showed me the『Curse of Rain』.

「…I see.」

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A dark-red pattern was on her palm.

(It’s very similar to the curse that hung on Reese-san from White Lily Academy…)

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I can dispel this without any problem.

「Then, don’t move for a little bit.」


I focused my mind and coiled the darkness around her right palm.

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Thinly, softly, with the intention of swallowing only the bad.

Then, the dark-red discolored skin quickly returned to its original beautiful skin.

「It… disappeared?」

「Something… like this!?」

Serena and Rain widened their eyes, as though having witnessed actual magic.

「It should be alright now. Rain, stop the rain.」


He let go of his soul dress and stopped the rain.

「H-How is it… Serena? Does your body hurt?」