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For the time being, he seemed to be willing to hear her out.

“If that’s the case, it seems I’ll only be participating this one time.”

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Kōenji didn’t waver even slightly. It seemed that, class policy aside, he had no intention of working through this together. Sudō silently began to stand up, but immediately sat back down after receiving a firm glare from Horikita. After all, if he were to start something here, the conversation would never move forward.

“Then, I’ll just have to do what I can to try and get you to participate next time too.”

Kōenji took Horikita’s warning with a smile and simply crossed his arms and legs.

This was his way of telling her to continue with the discussion.

“Uhm, Horikita. I’ve got a simple question about event participation I wanna ask you.”

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“And what is that, Ike-kun?”

His hand raised, Ike spoke up.

“We’ll be competing in seven events, right? But, like, we won’t have a turn at it, will we?”

“What do you mean by ‘we won’t have a turn at it’?”

“Erm… Well, to put it simply, I mean those of us who kinda suck? Like, the students who aren’t particularly good at physical stuff or studying aren’t gonna have a turn to participate. It’s not like all seven events are gonna need a whole buncha people. If we pick events that only need a few skilled people to participate, a whole bunch of us won’t really have anything to do, right?”

There are nearly forty students in each class.

Even if we chose a few events that needed a lot of people, the final seven would probably only need twenty to thirty.

In other words, Ike seemed to be trying to say that, depending on the participation requirements of the selected events, nearly half of the class wouldn’t end up having to participate.

“I dunno about that. What if an event needs like, twenty people or something?”