Is there a breast in the Internet?

Is there a breast in the Internet?

“Well, he doesn’t really seem the type to show up on time. Or maybe he’s just not coming.”

The group decided to wait a little longer to see if he would show up, but before long, Takahashi raised his hand with an arm pressed against his abdomen.

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“Sorry guys… I’ve got a bit of a stomach ache so I’mma excuse myself. It… It might take a while!”

With that, he hurriedly ran off toward the forest.

As the group watched Takahashi take his leave, Yagami’s eyes were fixed on Tsubaki.

“It’s certainly more convenient for all of us if everyone is present before we start, but…”

Yagami trailed off, seemingly lost in thought, but he picked up where he left off only moments afterward.

“While Hōsen-kun still isn’t here yet, just a little should be fine, right?”

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Tsubaki, who had been silently staring at the bonfire, turned and looked toward Yagami.

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“I was thinking that it’d be fine if you told us about this plan of yours in detail.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been scheming something big, have you not? Otherwise you wouldn’t have proposed for all the representatives to meet together like this when the latter half of the exam is about to start. There’s no way you merely want us to report on our progress, right?”

Tsubaki said nothing to this, choosing instead to simply keep her gaze locked onto Yagami.

“Your OAA ratings are, at a glance, below average. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about you in the slightest. However, from what I’ve seen during the battles we first-years have taken part in so far, you’ve been one to provide fairly critical insight from time to time. Furthermore…”


“While on the surface it doesn’t seem like your class has been doing anything to get Ayanokōji-senpai expelled, I suspect that you’ve actually been doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes. Utomiya-kun’s control of Class C is just a front. You’re the one pulling the strings from the shadows, aren’t you?”