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Do you make money on the landlord sent by the Internet?

(Absolutely… get her back… I won’t let such a crazy guy… take Ria…!)

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The sword to cut him has already broken.

Still, I didn’t give up, I clenched my fist tightly and took another step forward.

「O-Oi Oi… are you really human…? A normal human would usually die from that…」

I could see Zack’s face slightly through the gap of incessant fire.

(This is my last chance…)

I released a straight right with all my power towards his face.


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「Zahaha! Only your guts and conviction are full-fledged, but sadly that doesn’t extend to your abilities! -〈Blaze Shield〉!」

A huge shield of fire appeared in front of him,

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The blazing flame burned my right hand.

(Not yet… I won’t let it end here…!)

I pulled my right hand back again and shot another straight right at the shield of fire.


At that moment, a『black something』with tremendous density was produced in my right hand.

The jet-black darkness that overflowed from my right hand, very easily consumed the shield of fire.