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I focussed on both calmly,

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「Dark Shadow.」

And defended their attacks perfectly with jet black darkness.

One huge darkness branched into “ten”, and they swayed around as if they were alive.

「It’s out!」

「Hey, hey… Isn’t there a lot of them!?」

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The swordsmanship club members, including Jean-san and Silty-san, staggered back at the sight of the bizarre darkness.

「It was just recently that the number of darkness I can manipulate at a time increased from four to ten… Please don’t call me cowardly, will you?」

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「Gu… Our opponent is just a freshman! Hold your will and pride as upperclassmen! All men, charge!」


At the same time as Jean-san’s order, more than a hundred members of the swordsmanship clubs launched an all-out total attack.

This was how the fierce battle between me and the swordsmanship club began.

A few minutes later,

「Kah, not even a scratch, huh…」