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If everyone had been worried when the Doubt VR glasses had first been released, then now that the VR glasses had reversed with the game, everyone’s worries had dissipated.

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Not only did it succeed, but it was also even more successful than he had expected!

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In fact, in the beginning, most people had only expected to create successful VR glasses that could compare to mainstream VR equipment overseas.

Many people even felt that with the current niche in the VR field, this pair of glasses would probably not be able to make money. It would be good enough to take the opportunity to make Slow Movement Studio famous.

However, he realized that he did not have to worry about making money at all!

According to the current market feedback, the popularity of Doubt VR could be maintained for at least a year. During this period, they would be continuously selling VR glasses. Coupled with the in-game purchases, not only could they recoup their costs, but they would also make a lot of money!

What’s more, at this point, everyone’s first thought was not about money, but more important things.

Historic status!

If it was really as Teacher Qiao had said, Doubt VR and “Animal Island” could really start the curtains on the VR game era, then in the future game history, the name of Slow Movement Studio would definitely be mentioned when it came to works that were “the first successful, popular among mainstream gamers, mass-produced, and established VR game production standards”.

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Such glory was much more important than money!

Over the past few days, he could clearly feel that the Doubt VR glasses and Animal Island had caused the VR industry, which had always been niche, to rise rapidly.

All sorts of media were reporting on it and discussing it crazily on the various forums. It was foreseeable that more companies would make VR equipment and develop VR games in the future.

A new wind outlet had appeared. Countless people were stirring, wanting to use this wind outlet to fly.

This situation would probably continue for a long time.

This also meant that Slow Movement Studio had already completed a perfect start. Its future prospects were bright!

In fact, even if they did not have Tengda Corporation and Shenhua Corporation as their backing, it would be very easy for Slow Movement Studio to sell itself to a large company at an extremely high premium based on its current achievements.