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In an instant, cutting through the melancholy, was Kouenji's voice.

It seems he's been observing the fight from inside the bathtub.

"What the hell, Kouenji? Aren't you frustrated too!? Look at this pathetic state Sudou's in now!".

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Yamauchi screamed. Because of his anguish, Sudou was still incapable of standing back up.

"I know. But Red Hair-kun fought well in his own way".

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"The hell, you bastard. Are you trying to say you can go against Albert?".

It was a question from Sudou, who now had lifeless eyes.

But Kouenji's usual attitude did not change.

"I am, at all times, a perfect existence. Even as a man, I possess the ultimate body".

"Don't dodge the question. Tell me in detail".

Kouenji swiped his hair back without even getting out of the bathtub.

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"There's no need for a fight. It's precisely because I know there's nobody better than me that there's no need to shed blood over such pointless matters".

"You say that, but couldn't it not be the case?".

Yamauchi tried poking him.

However, Kouenji's attitude did not undergo even a single change.

"You are truly a fool. However, I suppose it is fun playing along with you lot occasionally".

It appears he intends to accept the challenge as Kouenji once again swiped his hair back.

"Now then, shall I assume Albert-kun to be my opponent in this competition?".