How to make money online is relatively stable

How to make money online is relatively stable

‘He has never been constrained to the traditional methods of designing games. Instead, he tosses aside all restraints and allows his own ideas to take flight.

‘He trusts his employees completely.

‘He’s humble and open-minded, giving his employees all credit without seeking to steal credit or glorify himself. He’s extremely low-profile!’

[1] This is a monetary gift given during special occasions in Chinese culture

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Xia Jiang quickly finished taking everything down and then said, “Boss Pei, we know that every game Tengda has created so far has been very profitable and reputable. That’s very rare.

“Many game developers only focus on profits and choose to sacrifice games’ reputation. As a result, potentially amazing works normally fail midway through.

“Other game developers focus more on the quality of their games and refuse to cut corners. As a result, they have good reputations but not enough profits. Some don’t even earn enough to fund their daily operations.

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“One has to admit that both of these are sorry situations to be in.

“Can you share with us how you achieve both profit and reputation at the same time?”

Pei Qian let out a soft sigh. “Actually, I’m not at all interested in making profits.

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“I have never thought about how to balance building a reputation and making profits. However, for some reason, as Tengda’s reputation improves; sales would increase, and we would generate more profits.

“We’re earning so much now that it’s becoming suffocating.”

“I don’t understand why gamers would keep praising our games and stuffing their money into our hands. This troubles me deeply.”

Xia Jiang nodded with a serious expression as she furiously took notes.

‘A designer who has stopped finding pleasure in the material world but has a greater desire for spirituality and mental strength.

‘A soul whose burdens do not ease off a single bit no matter how much he earns.

‘He is satisfied with just a bit of material pleasure, but his thirst for spiritual and mental improvement is insatiable.

‘He never worries about his goals being unattainable. Instead, he keeps reflecting on himself.

“Have I not achieved that level of spiritual and mental strength?’ He often asks himself this.’