Online part-time earning QQ group

Online part-time earning QQ group

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“ts!? Y, you...”

The contents of the vial taken out by José. He seemed surprised that I knew about it.

“I see... you also, from The High Priestess... receive... Divine Elixir...”

“No you’re wrong, I don’t drink that!”


Yes, I’m not drinking that stuff. I was just told about it.

That such a thing existed.

Then, José smiled a little triumphantly at my remark.

“Is that so... you weren’t given the Divine Elixir? Or perhaps...... you were afraid of the side effects, weren’t you?”

“Hmm? Hmm~ ... God~... Maybe god doesn’t approve of it, does he?”

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“I won’t be fooled. You and I are different. After all, you couldn’t handle the risks, you’re half-hearted! You may seem a little strong, but don’t get carried away!”

Trying to be intimidating while you’re covered in puke just makes you look ridiculous.

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However, I was relieved.