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『Since my reunion with Jamdi’el, I once again realize what a real piece of work he is. ...... it has nothing to do with dragons, so why did you add “Dragon King” in there...』

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And even Tre’ainar was nodding his head.

Why not? The Dragon King sounds cool!

Every single one of them, why do they have to ruin my extensive vocabulary and naming sense with their ...... don’t screw with me!

“Screw it! In that case, with this...”


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“”””That stance!””””

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The next moment. I changed my stance.

That’s another stance I’m good at.

The Flicker.

“What do you think would happen if I released the flicker in this state? It creates a constant barrage of whip-like shockwaves! Yes, this is my 【Super Magic Flash―――――

“””””N, no way... the 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!?”””””

『To the audience, well done!』

I mean, they’ve taken the liberty of naming my technique again!?

I’ve been up all night trying to think of a name for it!

That woman... that woman!

“What? It can’t be... not just jabs... but also shock waves of different shapes and power, depending on the type of ...... punch...... hmm? However...... wait a moment...”

“What’s wrong? Jamdi’el.”

“...... Before that... it’s about time he ran out of magic.”