How to make money through online

How to make money through online

“Now, apart from computer-installation novices, even computer-installation professionals would find our system units incredibly worth their prices!

“Thanks to the hard work that you put into making a name for ROF earlier, our computers are now selling wildly!

“Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I have kept your words in mind this entire time. I didn’t increase the system units’ prices like the other unscrupulous merchants did!

“I only released news that the prices of ROF’s system units would remain the same yesterday. Yet, today, many people came from all over Jingzhou to order computers. We also managed to sell tens of system units through our online shop alone! “I think we should be able to sell over a thousand system units during the New Year’s Day holiday period, and this is a conservative estimate!”

Pei Qian’s face immediately drained of all color. He instinctively tried to think of a solution to this problem, but he could not think of anything.

Should he increase the selling prices?

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He could not do that. He had already said before that he wanted to keep the prices stable. Wouldn’t he be slapping himself in the face if he asked Zhang Yuan to increase the prices now? What’s more, even if they increased prices now, people would still purchase ROF’s system units. Then, ROF would be generating more profit for each system unit sold!

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Should he lower the selling prices, then?

That would make matters even worse. Crowds were already rushing to buy the system units. If they lowered the prices further, they might earn less profit. However, ROF’s reputation would only improve. Then, Pei Qian would be in a greater fix in the future.

Pei Qian began to feel light-headed. At that moment, he realized that he could not come up with a good strategy; this problem was unresolvable!

Yet, Zhang Yuan looked overjoyed. “At the end of the day, this was a blessing in disguise!

“Boss Pei, you told me to rent more warehouses and store more stocks before. Now, they’re all going to prove useful!

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“If we did not have enough stocks prepared, we might have sold out in a single day. Then, we would have had to purchase the hardware at the increased prices, and our profits would have been greatly reduced!

“What’s more, a problem suddenly arose with the hardware yesterday, and we either refunded them or sent them for repair. I was worried that the rest of the hardware would malfunction as well, and so I ordered a new batch in advance. I even bought more RAM sticks in particular.