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Rules: The test will be within the scope of the first-year English curriculum. Victory will be decided based on the class with the higher overall score.

Commander Intervention: The commander can answer a single question on behalf of one of the participants.

The third event was a written test, something we all knew would be coming sooner or later.

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The crux of this special exam was figuring out how to win in the events that the opponent had suggested.

If we managed to win this event, we’d gain an advantage far greater than a mere victory.

Starting with Mii-chan, I came up with a lineup of students who were skilled at English. Although, it was frustrating that I couldn’t make use of strong trump cards like Horikita and Keisei yet. Class A had suggested three different written tests, English, Math, and Modern Literature, so it would be difficult for me to evenly distribute those of us with better academic abilities.

Horikita had outlined two different strategies in the notebooks she had made in case two written test events ended up getting chosen.

The first was to aim for both wins by evenly distributing the capable students between the two events. The second was to deliberately lose one of them and pour our resources into trying to win the other.

Sakayanagi quickly decided on her eight participants, but I took a moment longer to consider my options.

“This is the first time you’ve had to take time to think. It seems that Horikita-san left you with more than one option to choose from.”

There was no guarantee that another test would get chosen later, but there was also no guarantee that we’d be able to win now.

But, the most frustrating part about this was that Class C had a tendency to do worse in English.