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Online game breeding make money

Ma Yang’s already large face was pulled even longer. “You make it sound as though I’m a spy. Though, nothing much has been happening recently. Everyone’s just working seriously based on the design draft.”

Pei Qian nodded his head – that’s great!

He had gone through the design draft briefly previously. Even though he could not understand what was going on exactly, he knew that his three requirements were met.

As long as there were no huge changes to the design draft, the game would most likely be a flop and he wouldn’t have much to worry about.

“Oh, also, everyone seems to be interested in that Sun Strike Studios. Are they really so incredible?” Ma Yang asked.

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“How would I know?” Pei Qian did not have much understanding of the industry to begin with nor did he know what sort of a studio that was.

He had only wanted to come to Guangzhou to spend money and Sun Strike Studios just happened to be one of the few studios that Assistant Xin had made contact with.

The other employees thought that Pei Qian had planned for this intentionally but that couldn’t be further from the truth – he did not even know who the creator of Sun Strike Studios was...

“The first place we’re visiting tomorrow is Sun Strike Studios. Make sure you ask more questions so that it wouldn’t be awkward. We’ve got to be more friendly since they’re so kind to welcome us,” Pei Qian reminded.

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As the boss, it was not convenient for Pei Qian to ask questions or act too casually or he would lower his image.

Therefore, Ma Yang had to take on that task.

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Ma Yang nodded his head. “Don’t worry, Brother Qian! Leave it to me!”

April 26th, Tuesday...

Pei Qian was trying to create a simple mind map on his computer in the office. The content of the mind map was simple. It was all the departments of Tengda that could generate profits so far, as well as some auxiliary and transactional departments. The relationship between these departments was complex and different in nature.

Some made a lot of profits, some made some, and some made none at all.

Some departments have obvious superior and subordinate or horizontal relationships while some departments are not so close.