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The shops at the entrance sold high-tech imitation firearms models, prosthetic limb models, and high-tech drug models. It looked completely different from the traditional snack street.

There was a huge Cyberpunk-style display screen outside the grocery store that sold various trinkets. A poster was displayed on it, indicating that one could buy souvenir notebooks here. There were maps, art settings, and art collection on it. They could also play cards at various food stalls.

Some people went to the stalls to experience the snacks while others were attracted by the poster and bought a notebook to carry with them.

The stalls here were worlds apart from ordinary stalls.

The stalls along the street were basically small cars with all sorts of ingredients and condiments on them. There was a small banner hanging outside as publicity.

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Customers could only stand by the side and eat the snacks when they received them and throw the rubbish as and when they like. The environment was poor.

The snack market had already planned various stalls in advance. They were closer to the open-air bubble tea shops.

The entire stall took up less than twenty square meters. The three sides of the counter reached up to the waist, and it had a wide-open design. The only side that was against the wall was where the vendors placed the raw materials and cooked the snacks. The other three sides were the payment area, the waiting area, and the big screen display area.

The display area was mainly used to display current queues and signature dishes.

The number of seats placed outside the stalls would also be different depending on the size and level of the stalls.

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There was a special card machine in the middle of the seats so that customers could stamp their cards while waiting for their meals.

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The entire stall was decorated in the Cyberpunk style. There was a specially custom-made snack stall’s neon sign above it. Many of the equipment inside had also been specially processed. It looked very compatible with the entire environment.