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However, it did not matter. Boss Pei had a silver tongue waiting for these stubborn people.

“You’re right. VR gamers are indeed a few orders of magnitude lower than computer gamers.”

“However... have you ever thought that this is the reason why we want to roll out more VR equipment?”

“Huh?” Xiao Peng was stunned and could not react in time.

Pei Qian explained, “Five or even ten years ago, internet cafes were much more popular than they are now. Why? That was because most players were poor back then. They could not afford high-end computers and could not obtain the best gaming experience. That was why they chose to go to internet cafes with their friends.”

“Why has the entire internet cafe industry changed in recent years? There are fewer and fewer internet cafes, and they are becoming more and more refined. From a low-end internet cafe with a foul atmosphere to a graceful and comfortable high-end internet cafe?”

“That’s because the functions of internet cafes are different.”

“Now that everyone is more financially wealthy, there are more and more people who have high-end computers. Therefore, the crowd for the internet cafe is shrinking. We have to change the model.”

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Xiao Peng nodded in agreement.

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Obviously, this was one of the key reasons why Fish-Catching Internet Cafe could stand out among the other internet cafes: it was the first brand to make high-end internet cafes. It was one or two years ahead of the entire market.

Pei Qian continued, “In the future, the internet cafe might not disappear. However, if it is purely used for gaming, it will definitely fade. What’s more, client-side games have been declining in recent years, and mobile games have been rising rapidly. That has made the internet cafe business even more difficult.”

“There are indeed fewer gamers in VR games. However, have you ever thought that it is precisely because VR is something new that fewer gamers are willing to buy VR glasses? That is why they are more inclined to come to the internet cafe to experience it? On the other hand, if a large number of VR glasses are installed in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, the gamers’ passion to try out the game would be satisfied as much as possible. That would allow the entire VR gamers to expand faster?”

Pei Qian’s expression was serious, as if he was speaking the truth.

In fact, he knew very well that in his memory, this was probably a not very good business model. At the very least, the high-end internet cafes in his memory did not change half of the internet cafes’ computers into VR glasses.

However, that did not matter. It did not affect him from bluffing Xiao Peng.

Pei Qian firmly believed that with his powerful bluffing skills and acting skills, coupled with his halo as the leader of Tengda Corporation, he would definitely be able to arrange for Xiao Peng to understand everything so that he could finally accept this decision.

As expected, Xiao Peng looked enlightened after some thought.

“So that was it!

“The success of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe is because we have understood the development patterns of the entire internet cafe industry. We are ahead of all our peers. Now that a large number of high-end internet cafes are emerging and the competition is intense, we have to take another huge step forward and walk in front of all our peers!”