15 years old

15 years old

That was the most futuristic-looking logothe one made out of the letters OTTO, that resembled the infinity symbol in mathematics and looked the most postmodern.

Little Jiang said, “We didn’t choose this logo at first, mainly because we thought it would be too showy. We were afraid that our new cell phone brand would not match up to a logo like that.

“However, from the looks of the current situation, the advertisement and the exterior of this cell phone are quite well-received by the audience!

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“At the same time, the movie will become more popular in the near future. If we release a cell phone with a similar-looking exterior, we would be able to capture the attention of the movie’s fans.

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“Further, we won’t be manufacturing many of these cell phones. It might be a good idea to make it a collectible for the fans.”

Once Little Jiang finished talking, everyone began discussing the idea. “I thought this logo was the nicest from the start!”

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“The cell phone’s advertisement looked quite good in the movie. Even after theaters stop screening the movie, we can upload the advertisements on video websites or screen them in television programs. That would save us a lot of money. That means we have to make our cell phones look like that!”

“That’s what I think, too. It’ll be a waste not to make use of a good commercial like that.”

“Er... Boss Chang, what does Boss Pei think?”

Everyone turned to look at Chang You.

Chang You hesitated. “I can’t reach Boss Pei for now. I think he’s been very busy during this period.”

Everyone exchanged confused looks.

“I don’t think Boss Pei will reject this idea.”

“I heard that Boss Pei was the one who wrote the movie’s script. Boss Pei was also the one who decided not to sell the advertising space in the movie. Did Boss Pei think about doing this from the very beginning?”

“Hmm... that seems to make sense.”

Everyone agreed that it made sense to use the advertisement since it had already been filmed and was well-received by the audience

Chang You immediately made the decision. “Alright, since that’s the case, we can use this logo and this exterior. Come up with a new plan based on this logo as soon as possible and then hand it to the manufacturers!”

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