Zhangjiajie's work online

Zhangjiajie's work online

「Ga, ha…」

The two were cut down as they blew the loud whistle.

This is how the tragedy of Lao village began.

When the sound of danger sounded through the whole village.

At the Garish house at the southern end of Lao village, Maria Garish, and Millie Garish, who had just celebrated her fifth birthday, turned pale.

「The sound of this whistle!?」


Maria hugged her daughter, who was looking up at her with a fearful expression.

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「I-It’s okay, Millie! Mama is with you! No matter what happens, I will definitely protect you!」

I will protect Millie no matter what, that was the last promise she made to her husband, who died of an epidemic a few years ago.


After calming down her daughter, Maria opened a small window and checked the situation outside.

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What she saw was,

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「Wh-What is this…」