Software that typing on the Internet can make money, is it true?

Software that typing on the Internet can make money, is it true?

Meng Chang felt that it was most likely the former.

However, this was good news because it meant that Boss He was like many other investors. He only cared about the authenticity and results and did not care about the specific process.

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The investors would not mind even if there was a slight element of trickery in this because it would prove that Meng Chang was smart and good at thinking of solutions.

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Indeed, He Desheng did have some doubts about Meng Chang’s resume and did not ask further.

However, the reason was not the same as what Meng Chang thought.

In fact, not only was He Desheng not concerned about how Meng Chang obtained his resume, but he was also not concerned about the resume itself.

That was because He Desheng had seen how Boss Pei invested. He had even dared to invest in a ‘great inventor’ like Zhang Wang and succeeded. This made He Desheng realize that Boss Pei did not care about something as superficial as education.

He did not need to care since Boss Pei did not care about it either.

He Desheng’s current task was not to help Boss Pei invest, but to help Boss Pei vet through.

As long as they conformed to the rules, he would not ask any questions.

On the other hand, Meng Chang thought that he had won over He Desheng and was gloating to himself.

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Next, he entered the second half of the PowerPoint, which was the project that Meng Chang wanted to start up.

Meng Chang felt that as long as Boss He was satisfied with this segment, Boss He would definitely report it to Boss Pei. If he explained it to Boss Pei, he might be able to get a ten million yuan investment on the spot!

Then, he could look for other investors to invest in the company. Wouldn’t it be easy for the company’s market value to exceed a hundred million yuan?

Meng Chang continued.