Is it true that online hang up is true?

Is it true that online hang up is true?

The snake hissed violently, and the lion and goat jumped to their guard when they heard it.

「But, it’s too late.」

I was already stepping into their chest – right at the certain kill distance.

(…I can do it!)

At this distance, even without a certain kill technique, I can deal significant damage!

I swung down the sword I had already raised overhead – in one breath.

「Eighth Sword- Yatagarasu!」

At that moment, eight sharp slashes assailed the chimera.

Moreover, it was different from the previous Yatagarasu.

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The attack branched into eight slashes as usual, but each one of them was terrifyingly sharp – each was like a stroke that was swung down by concentrating every nerve in the body.

And the eight slashes, as though cutting tofu – split the chimera into eight pieces in an instant.

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「N-No way…」

From behind, looking at the eight pieces of chimera, Ria and Rose solidified while still holding their sword in hand.