Which APPs are easy to make money online?

Which APPs are easy to make money online?

“Sibo, why do you look tanner?” Ma Yiqun sat down as he noticed that Huang Sibo’s complexion was slightly darker.

“Really? Perhaps it’s because I have been out doing outdoor scenes recently, and I’ve gotten a tan.” Huang Sibo handed the menu over. “I’ve already ordered my coffee. See what you want to drink; my treat.”

“Outdoor scenes?” Ma Yiqun took the menu over and ordered a latte without much thought. Hearing Huang Sibo’s words, Ma Yiqun was a little bewildered. He had never heard of game development to be done outdoors.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am not in the game industry anymore; I am shooting my own short videos. Have you seen Boss Pei’s Daily Life? That’s what we’re shooting now,” Huang Sibo said.

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Ma Yiqun’s eyes widened.

“Boss Pei’s Daily Life is being done by you guys? Damn! This short video series has been rather popular lately; I have been keeping up with every single episode! What is your role? Scriptwriter? Props? Why aren’t you a guest actor or something?”

Huang Sibo laughed and said, “I don’t have the gift for acting. My role is… I don’t want to say it specifically. In any case, I have to run here and there; I’m like a partner, I guess.”

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“That’s good; it seems as if Sibo… you have found a suitable industry for yourself. Congratulations.” Ma Yiqun was truly happy for Huang Sibo.

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“I think that you can as well. Your novel…” Ma Yiqun gestured as he interrupted Huang Sibo. “Aye, let’s not talk about that.”

He took another good look at Huang Sibo and realized not only did Huang Sibo look very good, but he seemed to be filled with drive and vigor. “It seems as if you have experienced much these few months? You look and feel quite different. Quick, fill me in.”

The coffee arrived very soon. Huang Sibo sipped his coffee, “Let’s talk about you first; how’s the company?”

“How good can it get? It’s the same as before; it’s rather dead and stagnant.” Ma Yiqun’s expression grew slightly pained. As he was meeting his friend that had gone through hardships with him, Ma Yiqun finally stopped suppressing his feelings and thoughts as he started to vent.

“A while back, Old Liu seemed to have gone crazy; he was adamant about fixing an 888-yuan price on a saber in the new edition of our game! The crux was… this saber wasn’t anything rare. If it was a limited edition and a one-and-only item, I’d agree with that pricing. However, there’s a hundred of them, and they are all selling for 888; isn’t that a little crazy?

“In the end, Old Liu refused to give in; not even one yuan less!”

“After that, we found out that he had been fixated on Ocean Stronghold and felt that if the Red Kilin could sell for that price, our saber could as well! In the end, when we released the new edition, as expected, we were scolded bloody by players! The boss gave Old Liu a severe dressing down. Even when we were at our desks, we could hear the shouting from the meeting room…”