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“Ai, IOI is still cold. Nothing can save it.”

“It’s far worse than GPL. I won’t watch it anymore.”

Zhao Xuming was very angry. Bunny Tail Live-Stream was too dishonest!

Needless to say, Boss Pei must have ordered it!

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He had purposely lowered the popularity of the live-stream to create a feeling that the ICL was not popular. He had evil intentions!

Eric noticed this as well and his expression did not look good.

He had always had a PTSD mentality towards Boss Pei. He was afraid that Boss Pei would plot against him in certain areas, so he had always been on guard.

Zhao Xuming immediately called Chen Yufeng.

There was no need to be afraid even if Boss Pei was causing trouble. Both parties had signed contracts!

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Zhao Xuming could immediately request for the live-stream of Bunny Tail to be changed if he was caught using such underhanded means. Otherwise, he could request for the contract to be terminated freely and terminate the cooperation between both parties.

Chen Yufeng’s voice came through the phone very quickly. “Hello? Boss Zhao, you should have seen the live-stream of ICL, right? Is there a problem?”

Zhao Xuming laughed in his heart.

You still have the cheek to ask me what’s wrong? Aren’t you asking the obvious?

Zhao Xuming: “Boss Chen, this is not right!”