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「…N-No way!」the president cried.

I tried to activate Dark Shadow too, but its movements were too sluggish.

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「E-Even the darkness?!」she exclaimed.

…I’m beat.

Due to this strange magic circle, my full ability seems to be reduced to less than half.

「I-I’m amazed… To be able to move in that state, you truly are inhuman.」

「Ahaha, I’ll take that as a compliment.」

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And after the conversation paused for a moment,

「Well, even so, it’s obvious that Allen-kun’s full ability has dropped significantly. If we keep fighting like this, my victory is guaranteed!」the president laughed in good spirits, convinced of victory.

「But, president… Wasn’t that gamble just now a little too dangerous? If things went poorly, you could’ve ended up dead, you know?」

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The president used her own body as bait to make me stand at the center of the magic circle.

That was literally putting her life on the line.

If I hadn’t rushed there to save her, she could have really died.