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“Oh, it’s Wacha.””

“Hmm? Oh, yeah... hey wait up.”

At that time, Wacha happened to pass in front of us as we were sprinting to the toilet.

However, he was in a hurry and didn’t seem to notice us.

Well, it wasn’t like we were close enough to call out to him, so we just walked on by...

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『...... Hmm? 』

I thought I’d pass by. But then Tre’ainar noticed something.

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『Child. His hand...』


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Tre’ainar told me, and looking at Wacha’s hand as he was running away, I saw that he was holding a crystal... a Magic Crystal!?

It was a glance, but it certainly looked like one.

That was a magic item for long-distance communication. It’s a magic crystal.

Well, it’s not that uncommon... but was it also available in this country?

I haven’t seen one in three months since I came to this country, and it’s an isolated country in the first place.

“Big brother?”

“Hmm, oh, oh...”

Well, it’s nothing for me to care about. But......