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Ma Yang sat on his bed and started scratching his ears and cheeks.

After enduring for 10 minutes, there was still no progress.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore as he popped his head out. “Brother Qian, should I go and buy Romance of the Three Kingdoms first...”

Pei Qian stopped him right away. “No! Absolutely not! Your creative spirit is what I was looking for, get it? Right now, you’re completely unaffected by the influence of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and that’s exactly why you can overhaul the design entirely!”

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“Don’t start worrying about how the original image should be like! Just use your imagination as best as you can and modify as much as you can!”

“Alright,” Ma Yang replied in a resigned tone before shirking his head back and continuing to ponder over it.

After a moment, he extended his head and asked once more, “Brother Qian, can I design Guan Yu as a dragon? Will that do?”

Pei Qian nodded his head. “Sure!”

Awhile later.

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“Brother Qian, I’ll make Ma Chao a centaur. Will that do?”

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Yet another while later.

“Brother Qian, I’ll set Zhou Cang as a dragon lady and Zhuge Liang as an inventor! Huang Yueying will be a robot puppet while Xu Chu’s a tiger! Cao Pi will be a tentacle monster and Lu Meng will be a dragon slaying lolita! Will that do?”

Pei Qian slapped his thighs. “Yes! Of course! Old Ma, you’re a genius, you know that? Just continue along those lines!”

Ma Yang was initially skeptical of his own work. However, Pei Qian’s affirmation had ignited his confidence.