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“I want to go back to the bright, old days / Into the bright and the sunny...”

The melodious singing blended gently with the sound of a guitar.

When the screen lit up, the first thing that caught the audience’s eye was the vast lake. Chen Lei sat in an arc-shaped living room, strumming on his guitar. His back was facing the camera, and he was singing in a low voice.

Genial sunlight shone into the empty living room through the full-length windows that offered a 180-degree view, making viewers feel comfortably warm.

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The camera moved through the full-length videos and arrived at the vast lake. After that, it quickly moved upwards to capture the full city-view of Jingzhou. There were many tall buildings in the video, and the aerial shot made Jingzhou look like a huge concrete jungle.

Cars zoomed past, and pedestrians hurried on their ways. Each person was busy with their own affairs, and the entire city never seemed to stop moving.

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In Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Chen Lei strummed on his guitar and sang. By the side of the road, Chen Lei passed by countless pedestrians. At the airport, countless planes took off and landed.

The camera slowly moved upwards, taking another aerial shot.

It shuttled between high-rise buildings and moved further away from the central business district. Slowly, the surroundings became increasingly deserted.

Two unassuming and lifeless eight-story buildings stood alone.

After that, Liang Qingfan’s figure appeared in the frame. He walked towards one of the houses. He began to observe, survey, and sketch the room.

Design drafts began piling up on the table. Liang Qingfan picked up his coffee, but it was so deep in thought that he forgot to take a sip before he put it back down again.

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Soon, hardworking construction workers entered the dilapidated buildings and got to work. They blocked the camera’s view so that the audience could not see the dilapidated buildings’ true colors from beginning to end.

As the construction workers worked, the dilapidated and damp-looking buildings changed rapidly.

The details in the design drafts on Liang Qingfan’s table began to look better and better. At last, the buildings were completed.

The audience could finally see the house for what it was. The living room was furnished in the exact same way as the house in which Chen Lei had been playing his guitar before. What had previously been hidden by editing was now revealed as well. The full-length windows proved that Chen Lei had indeed been sitting in this very house from the start.

From the entrance of the neighborhood, Chen Lei walked towards the building with a guitar on his back and a suitcase in tow.

The shot was taken from the exact same angle as when Liang Qingfan had been walking into the building before. In fact, it looked like the re-creation of a certain scene.

Finally, Chen Lei walked into the living room, sat down on the sofa, and picked up his guitar.