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“…Nevermind. I’m an idiot.”

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“Eh, why did you stop? P-Please, give me a suggestion.”

“Ah, …no, I’m not trying to leave you hanging…”

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Nina-senpai troublesomely scratched her head before turning her hand and facing me again…Her eyes are full of sympathy, frustration, and also a bit of warmth.

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“I’ll be fine if we’re just entirely talking about fighting games. But, in reality, you’re talking about your serious relationship issues, right? If I have to give you a precise suggestion with my standards for gaming, …I feel like I’m not suited to do so. It’s because I don’t want to take up responsibility for your relationship at all.

“Don’t say that! I could really reference on senpai’s style of doing things. Please-“

Yet, just as I’m sincerely begging Nina-senpai.

She persuadingly poked my forehead with her finger.

It’s like a mother scolding her child, senpai gave me both a stern and warm look as she continued.

“Fake Umehara, do you want to look for answers from another person even though it’s about the core issues of your relationship?”


Suddenly, for some reason-

To me, Nina-senpai overlapped with Aguri for a second…just for a short second.

I guess it’s because that sounds like a suggestion Aguri would give to Amano.

While I was a bit shocked, …I immediately pondered on the meaning of the words.

So, in the next moment, I immediately tuned down my expression and looked at Nina-senpai directly.