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As I said so with the letter in my hand,

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「Ara, you’re early. Good evening, Allen-kun.」

She smiled softly and walked straight towards me.

If it isn’t my imagination, there was strong “resolve” reflected in her eyes.

There was none of the anxiety and fear seen for the past month or so.

It looks like she has completely overcome it.

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「As written in the letter, I came alone, but… What can I do for you?」

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「Fufu, about that… Here, take this.」

The president held out a small box that she was holding in her right hand with great care.

It was a small, white box with a pretty ribbon wrapped around it.

「This is…?」

「Valentine’s chocolate. A present from onee-san.」

「I see, thank you very much.」

It seems that she was waiting under this cold sky to give this.