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“The scenery of the Game Club practicing seriously without Keita Amano – That is Tendou-san and her friends honing their skills unrelentingly with each other. It looks way, way more charming.”


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Chiaki immediately changed her attitude and even looked at me sympathetically.

That has its own issues as well, so I hastily tried to smooth things over.

“O-Of course, I’m trying to criticize the relaxing Game Hobby Club! How should I put it…Right, it’s like coffee and milk.”

I raised my coffee mug as an example.

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“Although the café au lait mixed from both beverage is undoubtedly tasty, it doesn’t mean that the former is a level higher than milk or pure coffee, right?”

“…Yep. To put it this way, if the Game Club is coffee and the Game Hobby Club is milk, we don’t need to mix both sides forcefully, it’s better to just go our separate ways, …is that right?”

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I’m satisfied with being able to convey my metaphor successfully to a person, but Chiaki immediately started to gab.

“However, I think I liked café au lait the most among all those drinks.”

“Ah, I think I liked café au lait the most as well, among all of them.”



…Chiaki rolled her eyes in front of me, …sweat begin to appear on my forehead…

“…C-Chiaki, how’s your Twisted God’s Reincarnation playthrough going?”

“You just straight up avoided the question, Keita! Sigh, …whatever. This kind of incomplete conclusion fits your style as well…”

After Chiaki said that, she suddenly looked like she’s happily embarrassed.

“I felt a bit relieved. Haha!”