41 ways to make money online

41 ways to make money online

Therefore, everyone randomly found a table and sat down. They ordered their own drinks.

Liang Qingfan asked, “Boss Pei, how’s the experience shop? It should meet your requirements, right?”

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Pei Qian fell silent.

How should he put it...

The amount of money he spent was indeed in line with his requirements. However, the effect of spending money on this location and the expectations for the future... were very out of line with his requirements!

However, what else could he say?

Pei Qian could only nod. “Yes, more or less.”

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“However... think about it carefully. Is there nothing else you can spend more money on?”

Liang Qingfan was stunned. “Other places to spend more money? I don’t think... that’s it, right?”

He could not think of anything at that moment.

That was because he was the one who decided on the details of the entire experience shop, including the lights on the ceiling and the tables and cabinets in the shop. They were all specially custom-made, and he did not save any money where he should spend it.

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Thus, when Boss Pei asked if there was anything else he could spend money on, Liang Qingfan did not know.

Pei Qian was a little disappointed. “Oh? Really?”