Can the online alliance do those stores can make money?

Can the online alliance do those stores can make money?

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『Well, tis how things are. Cantidan is also known as A Thousand and Three.』

“Aha! So if there are a thousand pieces, only three are real?”

『No, you might say three is too generous. Tis likely less.』

At first, I’ll make a fortune.... was what I thought, but the reality doesn’t seem so generous.

After all, if there is no genuine article, there is neither profit nor shit.

『But...... tis actually my first time here, then again...... I believed there was a little more of a ‘behind the scenes’ feel to things, but it does not seem so.』

Then, from Tre’ainar’s muttering, I wondered if he had a slightly different impression of this town.

“Behind the scenes?”

『Speaking of the shadows, tis the shadows. Surely I have mentioned such? While this city is rife with fraudulent crimes of selling counterfeit goods under the guise of legendary treasure, it could not be crushed due to its economic benefits.』

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『But there was a great pretext that kept it from being crushed. Tis the existence of the ‘Underworld’.』

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『Uh hun. In such places, items prohibited by law are also traded behind the scenes. In addition to selling counterfeits that are different from the actual price. However, such dealings naturally cause trouble. In order to solve such problems, there is an Underworld organization.』

“...... Ah...... like a bouncer.”