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The crux was he couldn’t act as if he knew nothing. This would be very incompatible with his image and standing; it would make things awkward!

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Pei Qian felt that he couldn’t make the same mistake twice.

Only a few days were left until the next settlement; he had to constantly keep track of the statistics of his profitable profits; he would not tolerate any mistakes.

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Pei Qian had intentionally made a trip to the company today precisely because of this.

After opening the platform, Pei Qian hurriedly took a look at the statistics of Tengda’s games.

Income from the games was all growing. This was as expected. After all, Tengda had just released downloadable contents while the official platform was still recommending Tengda’s games on its front page; it was impossible that the income would not rise.

Looking at the rows of rising numbers, Pei Qian was a little jittery. However, after taking a closer look, most of the increases in income were actually still acceptable. Then again… there were places where the increase was a little abnormal.

Ocean Stronghold!

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Pei Qian immediately noticed that the income stream from this game was higher than he had predicted; it was much higher!

Even taking into account the recommendation from the official platform, the altering of the profit-sharing agreement, and the popularity of the game after the launch of the downloadable content, the figures were rather high!

Pei Qian immediately grew a little wary and a little unhappy.

Such a serious thing had happened; no one had bothered to report this to me!

What were Lu Mingliang and Bao Xu thinking about; they saw these numbers and didn’t hurry to inform me? What were they waiting for?

Luckily, I had come to the company today to take a look. If not, I would be cheated again!

Pei Qian was now rather angry but also happy that he had discovered this. Now that he had found this out early, he might still be able to do something to remedy the situation! The crux of the problem was finding out why such an increase in income had been experienced for this game.

If it was something that happened by chance and this increase in income was short-term, Pei Qian wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. He could spend a little more money to offset this.

However, if it was some long-term factor that would continue to propel a rise in income and perhaps even a potential explosive increase, Pei Qian would have to be wary right in this instance and take decisive action.

Pei Qian went into Ocean Stronghold’s game forum as he searched in detail for the most recent discussion thread.

“I did not expect Li Zhengwei would also become a traitor and join the revolution. Sigh! Could it be that Counter Strike was really going to become redundant as times progressed?”