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At the headquarters of the Long Yu Corporation, the person-in-charge of IOI’s operations and cooperation department, Zhao Xuming, the person-in-charge of IOI’s local server, Chrétien, and the relevant staff were having a meeting.

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Chrétien introduced Finger Games’ headquarters to everyone.

“The headquarters are currently preparing for the IOI World Finals. The finals will be held in Los Angeles this time and the venue is still being prepared. It should be completed by the end of this month.”

“The qualifiers from all over the world should be launched very soon to determine the participants of the international competition. The competition time for the international competition is temporarily set to be on the 24th of this month. The competition will officially begin on Saturday, which is the day of Christmas Eve. It will end on January 15th.”

“This competition basically does not coincide with the GPL competition. This is also my suggestion to the headquarters.”

“Our global finals will definitely not be any less popular than the GPL league in any way, however, there is indeed no need for us to go head to head with them considering the special circumstances of our local server. A lapse in timing could ensure that the popularity of the finals would be maximized.”

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“On top of that, deep innovations in IOI’s gameplay are still underway. The next goal of the headquarters is to further absorb the advantages of the gameplay in GOG. I will fight against the public opinion and request to use the modified version in the finals to compete. I want to show the world’s players, especially the Chinese players, our determination.”

“Boss Zhao, how’s Long Yu Corporation doing?”

Zhao Xuming replied, “Everything is going smoothly at Long Yu Corporation. The progress is perfect!”

“Domestic players have accumulated a lot of resentment some time ago, because of the low-priced region and the changes to the game. However, we are beginning to see the effect of dragging it out.”

“Targeted compensation given to old gamers temporarily appeased their anger. As for the new version, while there were some changes to the gameplay, many old gamers did not resist it after adapting for a period of time.”

“I believe that as time passes, they will slowly accept it.”

“Of course, we cannot be blindly optimistic about the current situation. There are still some old gamers who are less active. However, this is not a big deal. As long as the global finals are done and IOI’s popularity rises, these old gamers will definitely return.”

“The local clubs are already foolproof. Long Yu Corporation has collaborated with three veteran clubs to help strengthen their team.”

“These three veteran clubs are famous clubs in the country. They are currently the strongest, and there is no problem for them to fight their way out of the qualifiers. The other clubs have also gotten quite a good transfer fee by buying players. They can also play a supporting role when they participate in the qualifiers.”