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Yamauchi, who was feeling uncomfortable from the awkward silence between him and Sakura, said that as he got onto the elevator. At that very moment, I could feel an invisible heavy atmosphere fade away.

"Did something happen with him?".

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It seems Horikita has also noticed the change in Yamauchi and asked me that in a loud voice. I scrambled my head for an answer on how to reply to that.

"Various things happened".

In the end, I stopped talking. Both Yamauchi and Sakura wouldn't be happy if this story was to spread.

"Hmmm---? If it isn't... Horikita-san and the others, good morning---".

As we were in the lobby awaiting Sudou, Ichinose and three of her female friends came down.

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Bath towels could be seen peeking out from the unfamiliar, colorful plastic bags they held in their hands.

"Could it be you guys are also heading to the pool?".

"That's the case indeed".

The last thing to eyeball at the very end of summer vacation is to go and play at the pool. Even if our intentions overlapped, it's nothing strange.

"Since we're all here, let's all play together. How about that?".

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"Of course you're welcome to join!!!".

Ike, almost as if he's flying, jumped up from the sofa and welcomed her. This time around, it seems Horikita has no intentions of saying anything in particular as she didn't say a word.

"It's just, sorry. One of us overslept and we're waiting for him to come down. One of our friends is fetching him right now".

"Roooooger" Ichinose replied.

Opening his mouth wide open like a crocodile, Sudou scratches his bed head hair.

"Sorry. I overslept. Looks like the exhaustion from club activities piled up".