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I remembered what Horikita looked like as she did what she needed to during then.

Was there something going on?

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“I’ll call her.”

I suggested this. If it was me who was calling her, the elder Hroikita would agree to it.

Although, that was what I thought…

“That’s alright, there’s no need.”

The elder Horikita gently stopped me with his hand, stopping me from doing so.

“If she wasn’t feeling well, she would have contacted me in advance.”

“She might just be oversleeping.”

Although that was unlikely, I still mentioned that possibility.

“If that’s the case, there’s no need to wake her up.”

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He was saying that if she had overslept on such a momentous occasion, then she wouldn’t be worth acknowledging.

Even though it was his last day, his attitude was the same as ever.

“Oh well! There shouldn’t be a problem. After all, there’s still time.”

She might be nervously staying in her room until the last moment, because of the fact that it was her brother that she was going to meet.